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Trip Details

Road Trip 2008 II
Date: Tue, 12/08/2008
Motorcyclists: George
Copilots: Stergiani
Photographers: Stergiani , George
Authors: George
Translators: Stergiani, George

Sightseeing map


From the priorities of this travel it was the visit in Munchen and concretely in Karlsfeld.I was born in Karlsfeld .The morning when we woke up ,ran with distress at the window but the rain had stopped and the sun was splendid .The last time I was been in Munchen,it was 1979 .  After thirty years the sentiments were tangled . With fast movements we finished the breakfast and began to go to Karlsfeld.

It is curious, how impressed the memories in the brain of a child. Approaching the region , the places began to unfold. First from all we go to the house where we resided. The neighborhood was the same,like it did not pass one day from the last time. It is not easy to describe the sentiments, but I remember that the stomach ached.

After I remembered the past, we left from the neighborhood , for the wider region whoever I was remembered . Appearred all the same, but foreigner from what I maintaining in my brain as recollections. We stopped in a artificial lake in the city . In the particular point there is one of the bigger outside breweries of Paulaner.

Tangled, we left from Karlsfeld,  to visit Munchen at the duration of day, we moved to Orleane strasse, where is assembled biker' s accessory shops ,like LUIS.DE,POLOMOTTORAD, DAINESE etc. After there  we returned to the hotel,  to leave certain things that we had bought.

We  moved again to Marien Platz  to see this time the square under the light of the day. We left the bike in a parking of bikes opposite of a police department , and began to explore the region . Munchen is a multicolor and multinational city. Intense was the presence of Islamic element.

Biside from square of Marien Platz functioned an outdoor market with all the kinds of shops,after there we moved to the square, which was full of people . In central place is found the unique building of town hall, with characteristic trait the figures in the facade, where come out and strike the bells.

The region has very lot of old buildings maintained however irreproachably.

The sunset and the lights ,that they turned on  gave other tone in this multicolor square . After lot of  hours ,we returned to the hotel. The next day we left from Munchen with destination Zurich.