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Zurich - Geneve

Trip Details

Road Trip 2008 II
Date: Thu, 14/08/2008 to Fri, 15/08/2008
Distance: 282 km
Motorcyclists: George
Copilots: Stergiani
Photographers: Stergiani , George
Authors: George
Translators: Stergiani, George
Map: Trip map

Sightseeing map


We left from Zurich, lightly regretted for this choice. We moved again in provincial road up to Geneve. The pictures was again the same with the previous day, green meadows, irreproachable streets, astonishing landscape .

The choice of street, that we had in the GPS, led us through the villages of Switzerland. At some time and while the tiredness of days had begun make its appearance, we stopped in the first coffee shop, that we found in some village. The coffee we drunk in this place, maybe was the best from all the travel, because it came the right moment .

We continued our travel, we passed outside from Laussane and we began to see the lake of Geneve, which is extended in big distance .

At the planning of the travel we did not know, if it was better that we make reservation of the hotel, in Geneve or in Annemase, the city of France ,that is near Geneve, because we didn’t know if it had check control in the borders, because Switzerland do not belong in the European union . Then we had make reservation at Etap hotel in Geneve. After from the disappointment of the hotel of Zurich, we closed in Annemase taking no theoretical risk ,as well in the prices existed enormous variety. For the history I report, that the particular period the price of hotel in Geneve for one night was 200-250 Euro, while in Annemase 60-80 Euro.

We crossed Geneve, so that we reach in the borders with France. To our big surprise did not exist any control. We directed to hotel ATALANTE. The hotel was small relatively and the people were nice, the room without having something expert, was the most cosy of all the travel and the hotel abstained from the borders 500 metres.

Because the night has come , we decided ,we see the region there and  visit Geneve the next day. We walked in the around region and we led to a restaurant that had all kinds of meat, cooked with any way ,you can thought.

Next we went down in reception for coffee, while in the room was allowed the smoking, there even the employees of the hotel came outside in the entry to smoke.

Reaching in Geneve, we left the bike, in one parking of two-wheeled that exist in the city, near the lake.

Geneve is old city, with buildings tall and beautifull. Its characteristic is that in the top of each building exist labels usually from big constructors of clocks, because many of these companies have there their seat. Reaching in the lake impression is the fountain of water, that is flown high. Small boats, that exist in the lake, except the tourist trip, they execute also itineraries from various points to Geneve. We decided to make such a way, that lasted two hours. Round the lake exists beach for swimming and many older and also modern villas.

The boat, that we would make the trip, was a renovated riverboat with the big tyre in by, its machines was in public view, maintained irreproachably. The weather did not exist ally, because it burst out strong rain, few minutes after we began. Apart from the landscape, which we didn’t see because it rained, the particular trip, I do not believe offers something else.

The boat stops opposite from where we started , in the English gardens, Garden d’ Angles. When we came out in the land, we were found in front of a statue that was reported in liberasion fight of the city. Few metres beside it is a creation from flowers, where show a clock.

We continued the roaming from this side of the city, which ,in each narrow or bigger street that we met,continued  appearring continuously also a new beautiful part. Falling the night, when the sunset  gives the better colours, the old buildings struck unique and graphic.

Somewhere in the centre of city we met a square, that is assembled enough restaurants and wandering musicians play classic music from table to table.

When we finished the diner, we directed to the parking. We return in the hotel. Next day our first destination was Lyon, that however finally we didn’t go.