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Trip Details

Road Trip 2008 II
Date: Fri, 22/08/2008
Distance: 122 km
Motorcyclists: George
Copilots: Stergiani
Photographers: Stergiani , George
Authors: George
Translators: Sakis, George
Map: Trip map

Sightseeing map


With mixed sentiments we went down for breakfast the next morning . From a side we feel joy and impatience in order to meet Kyriakos and Dimitra and from the other side bitterness because the travel reached in its end. With slow rythms, because we had to cover only 122 kilometres up to Venice, we left from Verona.

We moved  in the province of Italy. The streets easy, without particular requirements ,with main trait in the villages and the cities ,that we overtook, the entire absence of movement. In all the regions prevailed calm. The hotel was found eleven kilometres from the harbour of Venice, in a quiet region and the decoration was based on culture of Venice,graphic without it is particularly big. Because our friends had still not reached ,after we unloaded the baggages, we left for Venice.

We passed the big bridge ,that links Mestre with Venice ,and we were found  in a opening place, that stop the buses and substantives it finishes the street where you can moved with some vehicle. We found the known red building, that functions as parking, but said to us  he would be open for one hour still. Thus we left the bike outside, where it was found and others innumerable bikes. There we met Icarus and Thymios, two friends from Giannena. With the guys we began to walk in the channels of the city. The beauty, the picturesqueness and the particularity of this city are unique. The small channels succeed graphic small bridges, that link the opposite sides. From the point, that we began, so that we reach in the square of Saint Mark we followed the plates that led or to Grand Canal, or to the square.

After enough hour walk, narrow streets led us to the sea and we began to see the bigger channel of the city and the imposing bridge,Rialto, that links its two sides. We went up above, the view from its taller point, is amazing, with water to lick the foundations of buildings and all these small ships and the gondolas to move itself without stopping. In the interior of Rialto, it functions shops with souvenirs. It had remained less distance, henceforth from the one that we had covered up to now, we reached in the square of Saint Mark.

The square is opened enormously in front you, changing the setting, up to the point that it had got used the eye. The people, that was assembled ,was excessive. Coffee shops that functions there, they are around the square and they have orchestras playing live classic music ,giving a more elegant tone in the landscape. From the big clock we moved  to the palace, with direction the notorious bridge of sighs. This bridge was the last point of communication  jailed with the free world. That period was closed, because they made work of maintainance.

Turning to the square we met Kyriakos and Dimitra ,that had returned. Afterwards the embraces and friendship , all together, walk in the around region and we sate in the square of Saint Mark for necessary coffee and for narration what we had seen these days.

Under the sounds of classic music the night haw come, while we  still travelled. For the history ,I report, four coffees costed 57euro and the waiter asked to keep 60 for tip, something that made us impression. After we sate in some restaurant, from what is found at both sides of Rialto and has tourist philosophy. It made us impression the very small time ,where they served us, that finally aimed in that we leave as faster as possible, because the waiters began to gather and to be stood equitable double from the table, looking at us unhappy. Because it was evident this wish ,we sate as long as we could. With relaxed rythms we returned where we had the bikes and we returned in the hotel.

The next day the boat sailed in the 11 00.About 09 00 Left from the hotel. The entry in the harbour delimited the end of the fairy tale and the simultaneous return in reality.

The impressions from these fifteen days travel are unique and nourish us still. A reason needed and this was given through Motoridersclub. Any fear can exist for unknown, it was exceeded as soon as we covered the first kilometres on Italian territory. Before we begin, existed a reserve for what we would meet, into practice  the things  were much simpler. Essential tool in the travel was proved the GPS, that corresponded irreproachably in each way, as long as difficult and if it were. Many times  led us from ways that were not immediately visible from the central street, between green forests and forgotten villages. The variety in the quality of paving becomes immediately and intensely perceptible, when you turn in Greece and see again the reality.

The beginning became and from the return existed already certain thoughts for the next travel, that hopes at an early date it is realised.