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Salzburg - Burghausen - Munchen

Trip Details

Road Trip 2008 II
Date: Mon, 11/08/2008
Austria, Germany
Distance: 165 klm
Motorcyclists: George
Copilots: Stergiani
Photographers: Stergiani, George
Authors: George
Translators: Stergiani , George
Map: Trip map

Sightseeing map


 the next day,we should make the check-out from the hotel in 12:00 the midday. Having  certain hours in our disposal, we began early the morning to visit some other points of tourist interest in Salzburg.

We reached the centre of city, to see Mirabelle Garden, a baroque palace with enormous gardens. The flowers are everywhere, a real oasis in the centre ofthe city. In the particular space has been filmed big piece from the musical ¨The sound of music"

We left from Mirabelle Garden ,to go to the castle, that we saw imposive above the city. The address that we put in the gps ,us led us to back side of the castle. We left the bike and we began to walk until we find the cable car. Reaching the cable car they informed us that it was not in use and that we must continue on foot for roughly 3 km ,we continued admiring at the same time the landscape. After a lot walk we reached the castle. Many of the places of the castle function as museums. Characteristic was a laboratory with puppets. We crossed at length the castle and we found  a balkony where the hall city is opened  to view.

Beaucuse the time that we have to leave the room were close, we returned in the hotel and we left for Burghausen, which was not in our first plan of the trip but after the precepts of a friend ,that lived there, we decided to visit. The way to Burghausen led us through German villages in green, biside lakes and a very good road contition. We followed the B20 road.

We reached the city after 57 km and directed in the central square. What is spesial to this city is that it is crossed by a river,that a side belongs in Germany, the other in Austria. Also there, exists the biggest  in length medlaged castle of Europe. In the central square is an enormous statue with a biker follouing by a dog. We walked enough in the small graphic city and at the return, we visited the castle, which is have houses in it . Beautiful traditional lodges in absolute calm in green.

Midday to afternoon ,we moved in national road with the clouds following us all the way. After a traffic jam  before Munchen, because of works at the street, and after 108 km in the E552 road, we reached to the hotel. Again we selected the IBIS, to 39 Euros for night without breakfast.

The rain finally start when I closed the switch of the bike . After some time it stopped, the night has come , we lowered the baggages,  we left them in the room and we came out for our first contact with Munchen.

We left the bike in the closed underground parking of the hotel, that was provided free of charge and use the s-ban, train,  to go to the city. We went down in Marien Platz. The rain had begun again. Coming out from the underground station we see the imposing building of town hall. The time was about nine o'clock and the people ,that were in the square was very little. With the rain continues to fall we moved  along the big square. After enough walking and with the rain ,not stop , we seat in a traditional German restaurant of Augustiner beer, one of the oldest breweries of Munchen. As it was expected and be natural ,we tryed any kind from sausages had the shop. All around us had a big glass of beer in their hands. After a nice junketing we came out again in the square where now  the rain was stop . In the entry of a shop, a team of three musicians gave her own representation. A guitar, a bass and a box for crust accomplished to gather above than hundred individuals.

It would be allmost twelve when we return at the train station and go back to the hotel, wishing that next day will not rain.