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Munchen - Zurich

Trip Details

Road Trip 2008 II
Date: Wed, 13/08/2008
Distance: 315 klm
Motorcyclists: George
Copilots: Stergiani
Photographers: Stergiani , George
Authors: Georges
Translators: Stergiani, George
Map: Trip map

Sightseeing map


We left from Munchen with destination Zurich . The total distance ,that ,we should cover were 315 kms . Because we don' t know the degree of difficulty of provincial street , we moved from autoban , decision that we regretted then, because this road is closed, rapid circulation,you simply  cover kilometres without you have contact with the landscape . The clouds follow us  all of the way and late of the midday we reached the lake Kostanz, just enter in Switzerland .

We made a bypass of the initial course because we wanted to stop in the city Bregens , whoever is built next to the lake. Coming out from national road , followed a tunnel 7 klm, without lighting, intense the sense of exhaust and a lot of noise, at least it was scary.

Bregens is a small city, graphic and quiet. We left the bike in a open state parking and directed  to the centre of the city. Old buildings, and small coffees are in the around region.

After a small tour we continued our travel to Zurich . This time we moved by provincial street .When we entering in the province of Switzerland, we impressed by the organisation, the cleanness, the streets, the quality of this country. The paving is irreproachable, each village  we crossed had velodrome. Green meadows, graphic houses and everywhere was cows. This particular way was from most pleasant of the travel.

It was afternoon when we reached Zurich .Zurich is a big city, with too much traffic and complicated streets . The GPS was anable lot of  times to locate our place, because the roads goes to a lot of levels.

Finally after enough roaming, we reached the hotel . This time we had made reservation in Etap hotel .  The particular hotel is in the technological park of Zurich . First disappointment, because we could not park the bike for fiew minutes in the entry of hotel , to get down the bagages , because it was not allowed and the quartering and the presence of police was intense . Finally I went up the bike in the pavement and I waited until Stergiani check in . Second disappointment it was the hotel . No particularly clean, with too much people and without disposal of service . We asked in reception,where is the parking of hotel and said to us,thatthe parking was complete, even they debited it in the price and referred us to go in a private parking , beyond from hotel about 3 klm .

Making patience ,we get the bagages in to the room, where waited us another disappointment . The toilet was a fix plastic box, without ventilation, beside it was the bath , in the same philosophy and in the depth of room, beside of the bed it was the water . Except the socket of television did not exist other socket in to room for other appliances. Any Etap hotel we had closed for the continuity of travel, we cancelled that evening.

Whith a lot of tiredness and perhaps more psychological tiredness, we walked in the city. The GPS led us to the commercial centre of the city, next to the railway station.The region has not something whit touristic interest , we  moved below, in a parallel street from central street,where found some restaurants still opened , we sate ,in one that was appearred more traditional and after when we ate , we turned in the hotel.

There, waited us one more adventure.What will happent about the bike ?  With limit of speed the 20 km, the police  walking in the park, and everywhere plates with the crane, we twirled at least half hour to find a place leave the bike. Finally  I entered in a building, opposite from the hotel, where was a guardian,and when I explained to him ,who we are and what we try to do, he opened an underground private garage and left there the bike, without pay, because we are from Greece, and it has a  fantastic sun , how he said .

The next day woke up as early as we could and we left as fast as possible from the hotel. We stopped somewhere for breakfast and directed  to the lake of Zurich.
There it began to change the city' s picture . It appears more human.We walked in the coast, we took some pictures and we left for Geneve.

Perhaps, what we saw in Zurich was not representatively of city, personally, I will not it again as travel destination.