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Marseille - Saint Tropez - Cannes

Trip Details

Road Trip 2008 II
Date: Mon, 18/08/2008
Distance: 210 km
Motorcyclists: George
Copilots: Stergiani
Photographers: Stergiani , George
Authors: George
Translators: Sakis, George
Map: Trip map

Sightseeing map


Early relatively the next morning,  before the heat becomes annoying, we left from Marseille. Next destination was Cannes, with intermediary station to Saint Tropez. We decided to  moved from the almost coastal A50 road. The total way up to Saint Tropez was 135 km.

As long  the street led us from points, that it was not near the sea, the way was too similar with the Greek province and was beautiful. Intense planting of trees, a lot of green and good paving with pleasant turns. When  we began to approach near coastal tourist resorts, the traffic jam was incredible and for a lot of kilometres. Initially I followed the flow of cars, until they passed us some motorcyclistes that moved in the opposite current.

Before Saint Tropez exists a way with very open turns, that lowers you to the sea between forest . We turned from national road and we wanted still 3 km up to the city, 3 km, in which the cars litteral immobilised. We  left the bike in a parking two-wheeled before the harbour. Without I can justify it, I had in my brain a flashier picture for Saint Tropez, which I did not meet. Yes, it existed the luxurious cars and yachts but beyond of this, I did not see something else that made me impression. I would say Saint Tropez has a lot of resemblances with Corfu with regard to in its architecture. Here I want to report, we paid the bottle of water, the half litre 6,40 Euros.

In the next 73 km ,that followed up to Cannes, from the N98 road, we met again intense traffic jam and the beaches were stiflingly full from bathers.

Reaching in the city, we should cross the  coastal road with the palms, roughly 11 km, and we find  in the other side of the city, in Golf Juan. There is found the Hotel De La Mer, in which the price of room was 102 Euros for night without breakfast. The householders were very friendly and faced us with sympathy ,because they were also bikers. The room was big and clean and with view to the sea. We went down for a plunge in the swimming-pool, something  we needed  afterwards the discomfort of the day.

Later we came back in Cannes. The city had turned on its lights and stressed its cosmopolitan character. In the coastal avenue dominate the luxurius hotels, the clumps with the palms and Grand Auditorium, where is carried out the festival of cinema. It was the only city that had intense movement the night, reminding Greece. We captured the required photographs in the red carpet and we advanced initially to the beach, where wandering artists gave their own representations. Beautiful picture constitute the palms, which illuminate in their top. In the course, we walked in a street, parallel the coastal street, in which disappears the tourist element and assembles local population, with been careful bar-bistro and restaurants.

After the dinner, we returned in the hotel. The plan of the next day contained initially visit in Nice and afterwards Monaco.