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Castle Milas - Parapougi (waterfall) - Dasochori - Ag.Theodora - Chrysovitsi - Ano Doliana - Nafplio

Trip Details

Trips inside Peloponissos
Date: Mon, 25/04/2011
Distance: 265km
Motorcyclists: Manolis, Sakis
Photographers: Manolis, Sakis
Authors: Manolis
Translators: Sakis
Map: Trip map

Sightseeing map

On the occasion of the Easter’s holiday Sakis invited me in Messinia. Good weather was not only the reason to take a trip to the region, with a final destination George Z. in Nafplion. Having made several trips to the Peloponnese, Messinia in particular, it seemed almost impossible to 'discover' something new ... But in the end of the day, our opinion has changed...

Let's take things from the beginning ... On Easter Sunday our friends Romanian motorcyclists from Brasov visited us, Mihai, Christina, Marcel and Bianca. They are members of a touring - motorcycle group, the Touring Team Brasov. We know each other 3 years and our acquaintance was completely random. On the journey we made in their country in October 2010, we were accommodated, making us feel at home. On the occasion of their trip to Greece, visiting Messinia was more than sure ...We were so happy to welcome them in our place!

On the Easter Monday they planned to move south, so they wanted to wake up early. It was a good opportunity for us to get up to have plenty of time ahead of us until nightfall. We left at 11:30 a.m. towards the north. The plan was to ride only in minor provincial network, covering as much as possible of "mountain" miles.

As the first destination, was chosen the Castle of Mila, located about 7 km., west of the town of Meligalas. We decided to follow the route through Trikorfo - Ancient Messini – Laconian Gate (about 40 km.), which is more interesting than route “Messini – Meligala”. The road passes through groves and areas with low vegetation. Its quality is fairly good with several turns. Passing the ancient village of Messini, and following the signs to Laconian Gate, we had the opportunity to admire from above the spectacular view of the Theater, the Stadium and the Sanctuary of the ancient city.

Continuing the downward route, we passed beside the beautiful monastery of Voulkanos and we reached the village of Valyra. From there we headed to Meligala and shortly after the center of the town, turn left following the signs for "Pigada", "Mila", "Kastro". Approximately 1,5km, passing along the "controversial" Pigada’s monument, where we made a short stop. Then we proceeded to Mila. The fort is located about 2-3km before the village in a settlement called Kastro (=castle).

Castle of Mila is a small fortress built on a strategic point for controlling the Messinian Valley to the north. Part of a series of smaller castles built in key positions to control the medieval streets and to confirm the dominance of the local feudal Lords francs.
Once we reached the road, we stopped at a small threshing about 100-200m., before the castle, as we were informed from some residents. So we left our bikes and climbed on the top of the hill. The castle offers a panoramic view of the area, which confirms how important the position was. The remaining half-ruined towers stand as remnants of the old glory...

We returned to Meligala and from there headed north to Diavolitsi (9km). Once we arrived, we followed the signs to St. Theodora (20km) and Dessyla (4km).

After about 2km. we meet the village Parapougi. Incidentally I had heard about the existence of a waterfall. Indeed, when we entered the village we found the sign that led to it by a pedestrian road, which we crossed with our motorcycles. As we arrived we stayed with our mouth open ... in a wooded section consisting of tall trees, there is a 5-6 meters waterfall. Indeed, the waterfall empties into a small opening of the rocks! Our waterproof boots allowed us to walk through the water to get near the waterfall ... the view was unique! We stayed for some time enjoying the scenery.

When the time came to depart, with difficulty, we continued to Dessyla. From there, the road climbs through a spiral path crossed the village of Karnasi, with its modern statues that adorn various points. From the village you can enjoy the panoramic view of the Messinian valley...

Shortly after Karnasi and after passing a point on the road at an altitude of 800m., we continued in a green full of plane area, until the village of Dasochori (=forest village). The road was recently asphalted, and its existence is not widely known. The scenery is spectacular and the comfortable curves make driving enjoyable! We passed the mountainous and picturesque Dasochori to arrive at the church of Saint Theodora.

Since the last time I was in the place it has been several changes, both in the surroundings of the small church, and at the access roads. Through a forest of planes is the small church of Saint Theodora. In the most people is known for the "strange" phenomenon presents: 12 tall trees towering over St. Theodora the logs which range from small building not exceeding 10 square! Watching it, striking is that you cannot tell where the root of these huge trees may be! It gives the impression that spring up through the walls! I do not know to tell you the story. If I'm not mistaken is a discovery of a holy image of the same name found on the site. Just below the tiny building fresh water gushes forth.

After enjoying for some time the sight, we decided to eat something in the restaurant located just below, under the trees next to river. At 4.30pm the time had come to depart.

We started towards Megalopolis (30km). We entered the city and from there continued to Karytaina. Approximately 2 km. later, we were on the node for Nea Ekklisoula - Lykochia. The road leading to Chrysovitsi (22km), through an amazing mountain helical path. Unfortunately, the fires of 2007 had destroyed a large part of the pine tree forest, especially after the village Lykochia. However, once we passed the peak of 1.150m., we met the first "rescued" pine and we quickly 'rammed' through the dense pine forest on the plateau of Chrysovitsi, making several stops to enjoy and photograph the magnificent scenery!

We passed the historic village of Chrysovitsi and continued to Tripoli (22km). The time was approaching 6pm. The yesterday's vigil and the food made us sleepy. It was time for coffee. What was the most appropriate place in an area...??? The cafe of George and Vicky at the village of Ano Doliana! Without a second thought we went there...

The guys were happy to see us and as they were not expecting us the surprise was greater. The sun had started setting and the time approaching 8pm. when we decided to depart to the final destination of the day, the beautiful city of Nafplion. Following, then the road of Kolosourti (70km) in the 9.30pm we were in welcoming George Z. discussing everything beautiful we had seen during the trip ... Once again we realized that as well if you know a place, always something nice you can discover ...