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Stropones - Chiliadou beach - Kymi

Trip Details

Trips inside Sterea Ellada
Date: Sun, 01/10/2006
Sterea Ellada
Distance: 335 km
Motorcyclists: Sakis, Manolis, Ploumisti, Dimitris, Nikolae, Vangelis, Nikos, Kyriakos (TDM900), Fotis (FAZER600)
Copilots: Maria, Vaso, Dimitra
Photographers: Manolis, Dimitris, Vangelis, Dimitra
Authors: Manolis
Translators: Sakis
Map: Trip map
Photographs: Link

Sightseeing map

We are already in Autumn. Despite the fact that it hasn’t been a long time since the summer holidays, the meteorological forecast of the last days constituted the reason to organize a daily trip. An email was sent to everybody on Friday and the response was positive.
Sunday morning we were at the first toll outside Athens in Malakasa place, 9 bikes and 12 people participating. The group was represented from the members Sakis, Manolis, Ploumisti, Nikolae, Dimitris, ours friends Kyriakos, Fotis, our new members Vangelis (Honda CBR600) and Nikos (Yamaha TDM900) and 3 fellow-passengers Maria, Vaso and Dimitra. About 11 am., we started with the destination Central Evia island and specially the village of Chiliadou and the beautiful village of Kymi.
As we passed the bridge of Chalkida, followed the way to Nea Artaki and there we turned right at the crossroad to Steni and Chiliadou village. It worth to mention that you should be careful to see that crossroad that is found inside the village of Nea Artaki.
From that point, we drove at an astonishing uphill way at the mountain Dirfis. At first we found pine trees, but as the altitude increased we found fir. The view was magnificent! Near the highest point of the route (1060m.) we found fog, which made us think that it was winter…
The road was narrow, with many turns and second-class roadway, but the view was smashing. After we had traveled a long distance, we reached the village of Stropones, where we stopped for a while in a small waterfall that exists in an area with planes.
We continued and after 60km. from the crossroad of Nea Artaki, we arrived at the famous beach of Chiliadou. In summer time consists known place for vacations, especially for camping and also nudism, as it offers a beach for them. The time was 2pm, so we decided to eat in one of the taverns of the beach, while it gave us the chance to know better our friends that came to our company for the first time.
Our next destination was the beach of Kimi that is found near the village. We chose to go through the dirt road (10km.) following the signs to the village of Metochi. The dirt road was in a bad condition, although most of us didn’t have the right bikes for such roads, we followed the dirt road.
The view was breathtaking. Many parts of our tour gave us the opportunity to enjoy it from a panoramic view. After the village of Metochi, the road was turnpike, while we went uphill once more at 700m altitude. After 10km we entered at the village of Kymi and followed the signs to the beach of Kymi.
It was the time of the evening coffee before the return to Athens. At the beach there were remarkable cafe and taverns. In the evening we took the way back with the destination the city of Chalkida, finding the towns of Aliveri and Eretria, known summer destinations. The way until Chalkida was about 85km, but in no case we can compare it with the way that we took from Nea Artaki until the beach of Chiliadou, which we recommend unconditionally!
Once More Evia Island was impressive…