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Chalkida - Limni - waterfall of Drymonas

Trip Details

Trips inside Sterea Ellada
Date: Sun, 02/06/2013
Sterea Ellada
Distance: 200km
Motorcyclists: Manolis, Sakis, Stratos
Photographers: Manolis, Stratos
Authors: Manolis
Translators: Sakis
Map: Trip map

Sightseeing map

02/06/2013: It came the summer of 2013, also by the calendar! We wanted to honor it by making a small (only 300km finally!) excursion in the North Evia! Sakis and Manolis had visited the area about 10 years ago, while Stratos was his first time. So it was a good opportunity to go back, as it is a place that you cannot get enough as many times you visit it!!!

The proposal of the tour was discussed, only a few hours before its implementation! Unfortunately, just the three of us were free from liabilities, and we met at the toll of   Malakasa at 9.30am.

So we started with good weather to ride the 80km of highway separating Athens to Chalkida. After passing the impressive bridge, we followed the signs to North Evia and Limni (78km.). At first the route crossed a plain, meeting the villages of Nea Artaki and Psachna. The landscape, you could feel rather indifferent to do with what followed shortly after the village of Psachna.

The road began to climb hypsometrically encountering dense pine forests and many trees. The continuous but comfortable turns provides an enjoyable driving, making the kilometers go by without realizing it! In many places, you can admire the spectacular views of the Evian Gulf and the surrounding area!

As we continued, the vegetation became more pronounced, reaching an altitude of 500-600m. Eventually we began to descend again. The road became narrower and its condition was moderate. However, the scenery was amazing as the path was parallel to a river, in the shade of large plane trees.

Approaching the village of Prokopi-along the way-we met many walkers. Arriving at Prokopi we found that the majority of those were directed there, which is the place where stands the church of St. John the Russian. There are many pilgrims who visit it, the fact was confirmed also from the buses that we found as we were moving there.

Shortly after Prokopi in the shadow of dense and tall plane trees, we stopped at one of the cafes-grills that were on the road. While initially, we were almost the only customers of the store, in less than 30 minutes, filled with motorcyclists and other clients. As we left the place reminded motorcycle meeting!!!

Driving at approximately the same scenery we arrived at the village of Strofylia, where we turned left to Limni (16km). As we were reaching the seaside big village, it came out ahead the deep blue Evoikos bay. Opposite of us we could see the mainland of Greece, giving the feeling that this part of the sea “closes” round ... Possibly for this reason they gave the seaside village by the name of "Limni".

We visited the Limni making a short stop in the small marina that was available. The coastal shops were crowded with people, mostly because of the day. The picturesque houses and the blue sea created a landscape reminiscent of painting ...

Our next destination was the waterfalls of Drimona, who abstained 28km. We left then, the coastal Limni and headied for the village of Aidipsos, we drove for 11-12km. until the village of Rovies. There we were at the intersection of Monastery osios David, where we turned right. After 1.5 km we turned right again, with narrow winding road to "rammed" through dense pine forests! After crossing the villages Palaiochori - Damia - Kalamoudi, we arrived in Drimona. There we found the sign for "waterfalls" that abstained 4.5 km

Soon we encountered large trees in the shade of which was the waterfall. This place had been discovered quite by luck (!) Sakis before about 11 years! The place is not so well known, despite the efforts of the locals, who have constructed wooden footpaths, benches and a small playground. The approach of the cascade has two entrances. Coming from the village of Drymonas, it is better not to enter the first entrance, as the wooden path is longer, but mainly because it is not in such good condition (at least when we visited it!). It is preferable to continue to 100-200m. to the point that there is a small tavern. There is the second entrance to the waterfall!

We left our bikes and after walking for 5-10 minutes (unfortunately we did wrong and we got the first entry...), we met the amazing little waterfall! In a lush-of-plane landscape, through a rock doff a waterfall, with height 4.5 meters, creating a small pond. The landscape is really unique! However you cannot describe someone, and deliver this incredible beauty!

We stayed for a long time enjoying this natural landscape. At the time we were leaving, it began to fall the first drops of rain. So we left towards the village of Agia Anna (St.Anna) (20km), on the east side of Evia. The ride was spectacular with comfortable speed, and soon arose before us the endless blue of the Aegean Sea!

We continued, riding with periods of rain, and the weather deteriorated continuously, confirming, unfortunately the weather forecasts. So we reached the junction of Strofylia and continued to Chalkida, following from there the original route of the tour. Because of the weather, we postponed our initial thoughts to visit the villages of Pilion and Vlachia. We drove south with the rain strengthens even more and to seek some tavern to eat, and to wait the storm to pass. We ended up at a local tavern just before the village Kamaritsa and marginally we were not caught from the big storm!

After trying the delicious local dishes and happily spend our time, at 6pm. we took the way back to Athens. On the way back was a thought in everyone's mind: "Evia has beautiful places and amazing destinations you want to visit and ride many times...»