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Rafina - Marmari - Bouros - Platanistos - Panochori - Potami

Trip Details

Trips inside Sterea Ellada
Date: Sat, 03/05/2008 to Sun, 04/05/2008
Sterea Ellada
Distance: 165 km
Motorcyclists: Manolis, Ploumisti, Nikolai, Kyriakos
Copilots: Dimitra
Photographers: Manolis, Kyriakos
Authors: Manolis
Translators: Sakis
Map: Trip map

Sightseeing map

The weather reminds summertime, rousing us for one more getaway from Athens. So, we thought that it was a good idea for a tour that would include also overnight stay in free camping! Kyriakos proposed southern Evia and more specifically the beach of Potami. Friday with concise processes and without a lot of margins of thought, was decided the departure for the morning of the next day.

We selected to pass in the island of Evia, with the boat that we took from the port of Rafina (25km. from Athens, using Attiki Ring). With this way, we gained time, so that we wander more in Southern Evia, but also to avoid the traffic of the national road of the Sunday’s return of excursionists. The way Rafina-Marmari lasts 1 hour and costs roughly 13 euros (motorcycle and rider). The itineraries begin from the 7.30am. and finish in 9pm.

At 12.30, we reached in the small harbour of Marmari. After we took certain supplies, we began with the destination the town of Karystos (11km.) The vegetation in southern Evia is of course less, concerning its northern part. We passed the town of Karistos without stopping and following the plates to "Platanistos - Pano Aetos". After roughly 2-3km. (little outside from the settlement Aetos), we turned right with direction the village of Bouros. Because the labelling is almost non-existent, the characteristic point of node, is the small church of Saint Stylianos.

In the end of the coastal way that is 6-7km., is found the coastal small settlement. Remarkable - and simultaneously curious - was that we met abandoned hotel units, but also new luxurious rural residences! We stopped for a moment in the beach of Bouros, where is found the characteristic statue of Kentavros (ancient greek mythologic hero).

We returned from the same road. In the crossroad, we turned right following the up way road. The paving is not good, while the width of the street is relatively narrow. Fortunately, the traffic was minimal (we met maximum 2-3 vehicles!). After we passed the village of Metochi, shortly we reached in the higher point of the way that offers amazing panoramic view. It deserves to report that, in this point begins a passable dirt road (in the beginning, it is a cement road) that leads to the shelter of the mountain Ochi. For the friends of walk, from the shelter is offered a 2 hour way up to the "Drakospito" (Dragon House), in the top of mountain.

Following the downhill way, at last we reached in the Platanisto. This small village is found all over platans. In a very near distance, passes a river. In the exit of village takes shape a waterfall. It was impossible not to stop... and naturally Nikolai did not lose the chance to dive in the running cold waters! We must give him congratulations for his courage!!!

Coincidentally, we learned for the existence of a beautiful locality. In less than 1 km., is found the node to "Panochori". Following the dirt-road with the length of 1.300m., we met the old stone watermill and the sources of the river, which are found in a verdurous gorge, overgrown from enormously platans. The landscape was amazing, making us begin to think changes of plans and the possibility of overnight staying there!!! Finally, we took the decision to leave. We passed the 2 small settlements "Mastrogiannei" - "Pidoulaika" and we reached the crossroad to the Potami. From there and beyond, we moved in a relatively passable- dirt road with the length of 5km., until we reach the graphic tavern of "kyr-Takis" (sir-Takis), in the left side of the beach.

The time approached 4.00pm. and the first thing that we thought, was to find something to eat. For our good luck, the tavern was open, and the particular weekend was the beginning for this year's summer period! For this reason, it did not have particular variety of foods... nevertheless whatever he cooked was tastily. The crowd was minimum - contrary to what it happens the summertime. Nevertheless, those that we met were companies of young persons that made free camping. We set up our tents, near two platans and waited for Kyriakos and Dimitra. At 8.00mm., they arrived and immediately, they camp as it was still light.

Next, we went to the tavern, in order to drink coffee, but led to raki (greek drink) and beers. Then, it was given the chance to know Uli, one German biker that works in Greece. We invite him in our group. It followed conversation that included from annotation of the Greek and European everyday routine, up to jokes, laughter and teases. We drank a lot of raki, beers and wine! The hour passed, without understanding it. We decided to withdraw, so that we leave the householder of tavern to go to sleep, which had been added in our cheerful company. We said goodnight to Uli and we continued in the beach, turning on a fire! We enjoyed the night, where it reminded us of the summer...

We passed our time, the next day, in the beach, playing , drinking coffee, taking a walk in the beach, taking a boat (thanks to Nikolai), while some of us, bolder, dive in the sea even if the waters were cold! Late the midday, in the tavern, we tasted the fresh fish of sir-Takis! We ate, and Kyriakos with Dimitra left. The rest of us, preferred to relax a little.

At 8.00pm., we left for Marmari. We just managed to reach on time, even if the distance Potami - Marmari is only 45km (from that 5km. is dirt-road). All that, because of the ugly condition of the street.

Deductively, we could say that the specific tour is advised for one or two days excursion from Athens. It is offered for the friends of free camping, as it allocates a lot of quiet and beautiful localities. Southern Evia does not allocate the intense vegetation of the northern. Nevertheless, someone can enjoy amazing ways and landscapes. Try it...