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Nafpaktos – Mornos river - Ano Chora – central Nafpaktia – Evynos river – Varia

Trip Details

Trips inside Sterea Ellada
Date: Fri, 03/05/2013
Sterea Ellada
Distance: 170km
Motorcyclists: Manolis, Stratos
Photographers: Manolis, Stratos
Authors: Manolis
Translators: Stratos
Map: Trip map

Sightseeing map

Easter holidays combined with Stratos invitation to spend with his family that days were the occasion to visit the area of alpine Nafpaktia. We left Athens, as all the others capitals residents on Friday morning. The weather looked liked summer, with a temperature close to 30 Celsius degrees! The traffic on roads as we expected was quite high and because of this we arrived at the city of Nafpaktos at 12.30pm.

The small harbor of Lepanto is always a nice stop for a coffee! This time, however, we resist continuing to the mountainous of Nafpaktos, following the signs to village named “Ano Chora”. Moving thought the narrow road to higher elevation we had the opportunity to admire the beautiful view of the Corinthian Gulf. Vegetation was low, without predispose us for what will follow…

A bit after the junction to the Monastery of Varnakova, the road crosses through the mountains. The landscape had completely changed composed mainly with trees. The road had more turns and following the geographical terrain. It is really impressive! In the maps many of the roads are marked as dirt. However, they are not.

After some time driving we arrive at river Morno’s bridge. We made a stop for a few moments of relaxation in the cool waters of the river. Then we continue and we reached at the small village Limnitsa. In the small village square there are fountains with running water something common in all next villages in the route to “Ano Chora”

A few kilometers after, we found the junction for villages “Aspria” – “Kentriki”. We decided to follow this route, though it was more distant to “Ano Chora”. It is part of barren path so we felt it would be more impressive... and finally we were right!

As we drove the scenery became more and more impressive. Reaching 900 meters altitude (especially after the village “Kentriki”), we met the first trees, which became a fir. The ride was enjoyable and there were some moments I felt that I was in a country in Central Europe and especially in Alps!

We arrived at Ano Chora, which is one of the most famous villages in the region and a centre of alpine Nafpaktias villages. The village has a basic tourist development. It is a quite popular destination having as highlight the wonderful nature. Ano Chora was formerly known as Great Lompotina. We made in village a brake for coffee at a traditional cafe.

Our next destination was the Evynos River. After we had informed from village residents about the shortest route, we move via the villages Kryoneri - Perdikovrysi. The only difficulty from this route is 3-4km. passable dirt road.

Following the signs for Kryoneri we drove fantastic route through dense vegetation. In many places, the view of the surrounding mountains was unique! We were so impressed that we didn’t want the end of this route! Along the road, there where running water and in some places there were small waterfalls.

Once we entered the village Kryoneri, we followed the signs to Perdikovrysi and soon came across the dirt road (3.5 km). The road was passable, as we were informed. But during winter or after heavy rains maybe there are problems to pass so it would be better to ask a local residence about road status.

Just after we had passed the small village Perdikovrysi we saw Evynos river and a  bridge crossing it. The landscape pulled as "magnet" and we stopped to enjoy the place, despite that it was late and we had in our plans to visit and other places.

The bridge across the river leads to the villages Klepa - Arachova, and continue in the dam of artificial Lake of Evynos. The more of route is moving around the Evynolimni (Lake of Evinos), generated by the dam. As we drove towards Arachova, the view of the lake is impressive!

The village of Arachova is another traditional village in the area. Like the others, most houses are preserved and generally all villages of the area trying to keep the traditional and picturesque character, giving a very good impression.

It was getting late and we raised our speed. Reaching the dam Evynos, the beauty of the landscape was such that the dam couldn’t reduce it! We left the dam having as destination Thermo (about 50km). Passing through the villages of  Agios Dimitrios and Platanos. At some point on the route we met “Diasello” which offers a fantastic view of the region!

Just before Thermo we show the lake Trichonida, the largest in Greece. Unfortunately it was starting to get dark and coast line of lake was distinguished only by the streetlights and the villages around it. One of these villages “Varia” would be the place in which we would stay and it would be our base for our trips in coming days.

Once we reached the hospitable Stratos parents waited for us in order to spend all together Easter holidays...