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Dystos Lake - N. Stira - Drakospito (Dragon House) - Karistos - Marmari

Trip Details

Trips inside Sterea Ellada
Date: Sun, 14/01/2007
Sterea Ellada
Distance: 230 km
Motorcyclists: Sakis, Manolis
Photographers: Manolis
Authors: Manolis
Translators: Sakis
Map: Trip map
Photographs: Link

Sightseeing map

New Year came with the best weather conditions. The sun shining that was at the last days, made us excite for a trip! Despite the local rain of the last day, we weren’t frighten and said to leave the morning of Sunday. Destination: South Evia Island.
South Evia was a place that we hadn’t visited before Sakis and me. We departed about 10am, covered 70km of boring national road (Athens – Lamia) and reached the impressive bridge of Chalkida. As we continued, met the first traffic lights and the sign to “S.Evia”, and we followed it. The road condition wasn’t in a good shape. Narrow, with many turns, didn’t give us the chance to enjoy the ride. The flora was expressively fewer than the northern part that is full of forest! The most trees that we had seen were olive trees. After 19km we arrived at the town of Eretria. It didn’t appear some specific interest, so we left after a small break for breakfast. For the next 10km, until we found the town of Amarinthos, the road was worst than before.
We passed by the indifferent town of Amarinthos and followed the beautiful coastline of the Nireas Beach, until Aliveri (17km). With the guidance, the sign to Karistos, we reached the village of Velos. There we found a sign to “Distos Lake” (7km) that is also a hydrobiotope. With no second thought we followed it.
As we left the village of Velos, found a verdurous tableland, with some small olive grove and also cultivable land. Little further, at the top of the hill, at the centre of the tableland, we could see a good maintained tower. As we went close, we discovered that it was approachable, as we could descry the existence of a road. After a short dirt road, we finally managed to reach the tower that was dragging us with a “magic” power. It worth the trouble, as the panoramic view of the territory rewards us. We examined for a while the high tower – by the way it was in an excellent condition – and continued to the lake.
Crossing through the villages of Koutoumoulas and Distos we couldn’t find the way so we asked, as there weren’t any sign of the lake. Finally we arrived at the area of the lake. We reached as closer as possible, crossing the passable and impassable dirt roads. The view was nice.
We left behind us the lake and followed the main road to Karistos. The way was easy and enjoyable, more width and better quality. It gave us the chance to go faster for the next 20 km until the node to N.Stira. It worth referring that we were at the most narrow part of the island of Evia that gave us the opportunity to enjoy the view of Aegean Sea.
At the small village of N.Stira, we stopped for our first coffee of the day, despite the fact that it was already noon. The specific village is known because it’s a node that connects the island with Attica through ferryboats. It is characteristic that at the South West of the island of Evia, many residents of the Capital have country houses in many villages. For that reason the houses don’t have any traditional architectural interest.We departed for Karistos, the southern destination of our trip. We covered 3-4km of country road and after we passed the village of Stira, we reached the national road. We followed the uphill and lonely road, but together pleasurable. The view was with less green. The highlands were covered from bushes.
After 10km from N.Stira, suddenly we met a sign "Drakospito" (Dragonhouse). We stopped of course. I have heard that in Evia were Stone structures that remind houses. Their provenance was unknown. Also, interest brought out their structure, as it included huge stones. For that reason exist the rumor that was the houses of “Dragons”. We visited the “dragon house” and examined the place. The hall scenery made our imagination wanton!
Some kilometers away, we reached the top. As we ride downhill and very close to the windmills of Aeolian energy, we enjoyed the immensity of the sea. Also we could see faraway the maritime village of Marmari. We continued riding the last 25km until Karistos.Entering the town of Karistos, in our left hand sight we could see the fort of the town with the name: Red castle. Inside there is the small church of Prophet Ilias. We went to the port and stopped for a while near a small fort next to the sea. The town has no particular interest. The presence of four floor apartment buildings gave us the sense of a decadent resort of the `80s. The green was very little. Despite all these, it is a known summer destination of Evia, mostly for the older people of Athens.
After we rest for a while, we decided to search for the ticket office for the ferry to Rafina. Then was the time, we discover that the response Karistos – Rafina had stopped 3 years ago. The people served through the port of Marmari. A local motorcyclist suggested following him until Marmari, as he also wanted to travel to Rafina.We reached Marmari a small tourist and pictorial village. It is known for the ferry boat to Rafina. Thankfully, we just catch the ferry that was leaving at that time (4.30)!!! The next one departed at 7.30pm. (Price ticket: 5.5euro person + bike).
During the journey (about an hour), we had the chance to talk with the local rider. He informed us for the myth existing that the Red castle and the small fort of the port of Karistos, communicate through a tunnel that hasn’t been discovered yet. Also, he suggested two more destinations near Karistos: the upland village of Pothi and the beach village of Bouros, that is also the southern of Evia.  Chatting me and Sakis, concluded that South Evia shows travel interest and we gave the promise to return back. We hope and wish that the trips of 2007, will have the same interest and the weather conditions with those of the first travel…
Happy New Year and a good start…